Payment/Booking Questions

Does BGRE accept credit cards?
Yes. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX.

Does BGRE allow nightly or less than one-week rentals?
Certain units, under certain circumstances will allow less than 7-night reservations.

Does BGRE collect a security deposit?
We no longer collect security deposits. We collect a down payment credited against the total reservation cost.

Is Red Tide covered by Travel Insurance?
Not typically. In the event of emergency and/or severe medical reaction to Red Tide, travel insurance may cover some costs.

Is there a cancelation period?
Between the time of booking and 8 weeks prior to arrival, you may cancel and incur a $35 cancelation fee. Within 8 weeks, your reservation is non-refundable. Under certain circumstances, we will attempt to re-rent the property to try to recoup your loss.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?
Please notify us by telephone and in writing. If you are within 8 weeks, we will attempt to re-rent the unit to recoup the loss. We will make our best efforts to re-rent; however, we are unable to guarantee anything.

What if we have to evacuate or are forced to leave the Island?
BGRE offers travel insurance to cover the loss in the event of unforeseeable natural occurrences.

What is travel insurance?
Travel Insurance is provided by CSA Travel and provides a level of protection once the full balance is paid and the reservation becomes nonrefundable. A copy of the CSA Travel Insurance policy coverages and exclusions can be found at *link.* Travel insurance is an optional coverage and costs 7.25% of the total balance.
Travel Insurance must be purchased PRIOR to payment of your final balance.

When does travel insurance cover cancelations due to adverse weather conditions?
Travel Insurance covers trip cancelations due to adverse weather when there is 1) a named storm that 2) results in an evacuation order being given for Lee and/or Charlotte County.

When is my balance due?
8 weeks prior to arrival.

When is my down-payment due?
At the time of booking or within 7 days if you are mailing a check.